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The people's existence never straightened in absence of natural balance between aspects controlling life of all creatures. Although the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia lies within a typical arid to semi-arid region, it is characterized by its unique biological diversity and species that could acclimatize to live under adverse ecological circumstances including weather and dry conditions.
Man had coexisted in Arabia in harmony with his limited renewable natural resources for centuries; and could safeguard it by applying conservative traditional practices including the hima system which survived for more than 2000 years. Those himas were deteriorated only during the past century.
The Saudi Arabia economic capriole has resulted in changed life styles in agricultural, industrial and urbanization practices; and the increased resource demand due to increased human population as well as pollution and other constrains negatively affected resources to an alarming extent.
That is why the Saudi Wildlife Authority (SWA) was established by the Royal Decree no. 22/M on 12/9/1406 with a mandate to prepare and implement plans to sustain terrestrial and marine wildlife and rehabilitate rare and threatened species and their habitats. The ultimate goal of SWA is getting back the natural environmental balance.
The SWA site on the web is an open window that affords to our visitors information needs; thus saving time and effort for people especially those who are not in the vicinity of SWA headquarters. The site will always appreciate your comments and questions through "Contact us".

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