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Saudi Wildlife Fund

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The Objectives:

These are based on the contents of paragraphs numbers (3) and (4) of the Saudi Wildlife Authority (SWA) rules and regulations which state that the SWA funds consist of gifts, donations, endowment and bequests accepted by the SWA according to the rules set by its Board of Directors; and also of other revenues to be added by decisions of the Board.

Therefore, the SWA Board of Directors has decided to form a fund to support wildlife in the Kingdom of create better opportunities for protecting wildlife and investing in it in a rational way in the best interests of the citizens. The most important objectives for establishing the Fund are as follows:

  • To Support and Operate Protected Areas.
  • To support and operate protected areas.
  • To support programs of saving endangered wildlife To support the conservation of biodiversity.
  • To finance the execution of awareness programs for conservation of environmental balance in the Kingdom.
  • To finance research training programs in different areas of the work of the SWA.
  • To finance the holding of seminars and workshops aiming at the setting of strategies for wildlife conservation and development.

The Organizational Bylaw:

The fund’s procedures are to be governed by an organizational bylaw called “The Organizational Bylaw of the Wildlife Supporting Fund.” It consists of three chapters.

The First Chapter: “The Name of the Fund and its Objectives”

This deals with the name of the Fund, its headquarters, its legal entity, its fiscal year and its objectives.

The Second Chapter: “Revenues and Expenditures”

This deals with the Fund’s revenues and methods to control them. It also deals with the steps for the depositing and spending of monies and the methods of balancing its accounts and of auditing its financial status.

The Third Chapter: “The Fund’s Board of Directors”

This deals with formation of the Fund’s Board of Directors, their terms of membership and methods of running the work. It also deals with the tasks of the Board: how it is to be summoned, the issuance of resolutions and empowering of authorities.

The Saudi Wildlife Authority is looking forward to your support to increase the revenues of the above mentioned Fund. It has also the pleasure to find you among those who are exerting their best efforts to support the protection of the wildlife heritage of our precious and beloved country.

A Call to Donate to “The Saudi Wildlife Fund”

The Saudi Wildlife Fund is calling you to participate in supporting the biological diversity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in supporting programs of environmental awareness and in the establishing of protected areas (wildlife reserves).

Donations should be sent by cheque to the following address:

The Wildlife Supporting Fund – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, P.O. Box 61681, Riyadh 11575.


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